Rokenbok - ROK Blocks Mobile STEM Lab

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The ROK Blocks Mobile STEM Lab is designed for children in K-5 and serves 4 students.

The ROK Blocks Mobile STEM Lab teaches skills and confidence fundamental to STEM learning.  The ROK Blocks Mobile STEM Lab allows teachers to meet young students wherever they are in their STEM journey.

ROK Blocks are fun and capable 3D building blocks that accelerate the benefits of mentored block play.  ROK Blocks curriculum is especially designed to level the playing field for students who may have had less experience than peers with parent supported building block play.

Rokenbok offers free curriculum to coincide with their products.  Here are examples:

    Foundational fluencies learned with ROK Blocks include how to follow step-by-step graphical (pictorial) instructions, goal achievement, and persistence.  The ROK Blocks Mobile STEM Lab also contains more advanced engineering elements to support students as they progress.  Students will design and build experiences that teach how to make things strong, how to make thinks move, measurement, organization, and other fluencies key to progressive STEM learning. It is impossible to overstate the need for, and developmental benefits of mentored block play.

    Note that this video references the ROK Blocks Mobile STEM Lab, which includes three of the labs and the wheeled base.

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