Markforged Onyx Filament Spool (800 cm3)


SKU: F-MF-0001

Regular price $190.00

Onyx chopped carbon fiber filament gives you stiff and dimensionally stable engineering grade parts, with twice the strength of other 3D printed plastics. Onyx parts have a high quality surface finish and high heat tolerance. Onyx customers are able to combine the strength and reliability of Markforged prints with the beauty and stiffness of chopped carbon to create parts that can live up to the rigorous demands of industrial applications as well as be used in customer-facing assemblies. In addition, Onyx’s micro-carbon reinforcement yields prints with exceptional dimensional stability and reliability, offering a hassle free printing experience.
IMPORTANT: Printing significant amounts of Onyx conditions the print head in a way that tailors it toward printing Onyx. Customers are free to begin printing Onyx at any point after printing Nylon. However, once you start printing Onyx, your printer will be conditioned for Onyx and you will not be able to switch back to Nylon. Customers interested in continuing to use both materials are encouraged to purchase a second print head or printer.
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