VEX EDR Accessories - Motion - High Strength 36-Tooth Gear (8-pack) - 276-5034

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Gears are one of the primary sources of power transmission in VEX EDR. We offer a variety of both normal and high strength gears, that come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Start with a simple project like building a gear reduction, and work your way up towards building more complex mechanism such as a differential for a drivetrain.

More information on gears and power transmission can be found in the VEX EDR Curriculum.

Build mechanisms capable of achieving higher torque or speed than ever before with High Strength Gears - lift heavier loads and survive bigger impacts with the additional gear ratio options provided by the largest high strength gear available.

  • Works with the VEX High Strength Gear Kit or any VEX spur gear
  • Double-thick face width and ribbing provide added strength
  • Metal Square Hole Inserts prevent axles from "stripping"
  • Build gearboxes that resist high shock-loads
  • Bolt gears together for added strength