3D Printer Bundles

3D printers have quickly become a vital tool in virtually every industry, including education.  The opportunity for a student to design something and then hold that model in his or her hands is amazing.

The only problem with 3D printers are that they. are. slow.  And it doesn't matter if you have an inexpensive desktop printer or a high end industrial one.  They're not fast.  And if you only have one 3D printer in the classroom, this could temper the enthusiasm students have for design as they must wait for others to print their parts.

Recognizing this, Learning Labs decided to create various bundles of 3D printers so you can print more parts with a wider variety of options and sizes.  These bundles will give you everything you need to create virtually anything your students and dream up!

Advanced 3D Printer Bundle
Learning Labs, Inc.
Regular price $35,540.00