STEM Career Cluster

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Pretty much every product out there owes its existence at least in part to people who were involved in science, technology, engineering, and/or math (often referred to as STEM).

Creating new and better products involves all of these STEM concepts. This career cluster relies heavily on the design loop process, a series of “steps” that help people identify a need, research options to fill that need, develop examples and prototypes, revise, then build the final product.

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Makey Makey Classic
Makey Makey
Regular price $49.95
Horizon Energy Box
Horizon Educational
Regular price $2,019.00
Tiertime - UP BOX+
Regular price $1,499.00
NeuroMaker Hand Kit
Regular price $500.00
SCORBOT-ER4u, Standard Package
Regular price $22,343.74
STEMPilot Pilot Pro 2
Regular price $9,295.00
Markforged Mark Two Onyx (Gen 2)
Sale price $19,990.00 Regular price $19,999.00 Sale
Tiertime - UP 300
Regular price $2,199.00
K'NEX Education Intro To Simple Machines Gears Set
K'NEX Education
Regular price $39.99
Metal X, Wash-1, Sinter-2 Bundle
Regular price $197,990.00
Metal X, Wash-1, Sinter-1 Bundle
Regular price $124,990.00
Metal X
Regular price $99,500.00