Analog Process Control System



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The CM184-APC provides a hands-on study of a typical closed loop process control system. Students will gain industrial experience using an assortment of temperature and pressure sensing components to control and monitor a water circulation application. This desktop-sized pumping system fills, drains, and circulates water through two water storage tanks.

This system is used to fill, drain, or circulate water through the two water storage tanks. The water temperature is adjusted manually or automatically using the two universal controllers or PLC with analog I/O control capability.

One large acrylic water storage tank is attached to the front tray and a second acrylic water storage tank is embedded into the center section of the stainless steel front panel. Located to either side of the front panel are two digital universal controllers. A pumping system is housed inside the metal frame.

Our training system is also accompanied by an instructor’s guide as well as a student manual. This manual is a comprehensive student resource, featuring detailed exercises and testing materials. TII’s curriculum is designed to explore control principles using the universal controllers and PLC.

  • Two universal controllers included
  • Can interface to a PLC with analog I/O control
  • Control Modes: On/Off, Proportional, Integral, Derivative, and Composite.


  • Mounted upright on a metal frame with extended front tray and stainless steel front panel
  • Easy access to hardware and convenient interfacing to TII PLC training systems
  • All front panel features are silkscreened for easy identification

System Components

  • Two liquid storage tanks with removable lids (volume approx. three quarts each)
  • Three side mounted liquid level switches
  • Single station liquid level switch for overflow detection
  • Over temperature detector
  • Screw plug immersion heater
  • Two CHROMEGA-ALOMEGA thermocouples
  • Four-position rotary selector switch for temperature readouts
  • One 35 PSI, 1/11 HP high pressure pump
  • Pressure transducer
  • Non-pressure compensated flow valve
  • Two-position power switch
  • Three-position pump switch
  • Two-position auto / manual override switch
  • Three position tank selector switch
  • Drain valve to siphon off circulating liquid
  • Four 24 VDC solenoid directional control valves with LED indicators
  • Two universal auto-tune controllers with an array of alarm actions and input/output jacks for external process control

Control Mode Functionality

  • On/Off
  • Proportional
  • Integral
  • Derivative
  • Composite

Shipping Information

  • Dimensions: 20 in. W x 15 in. H x 14 in. D
  • Shipping Weight: 60 lbs.


  • System Familiarization
  • System Initialization
  • Controller Temperature Control
    • Principles
    • Control Modes
      • On/Off
      • Proportional
      • Integral
      • Derivative
      • Composite
    • Controller Operation
  • PLC Temperature Control
    • PLC Basics
    • Setting PID Values
  • Appendices
    • Glossary
    • Controller Reference Guide
    • Trending Chart