Architectural Structures with Security Desk


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These workstations consist of a locking desk with see-through lift-up top, built-in lock/key, 24" fluorescent light, and power strip. Students learn and practice traditional drawing techniques, and build and test basic architectural shapes. They learn and apply the concepts of load, span, stress, and rigid geometry, and investigate the strength of different materials. Units emphasize application of the scientific method, use of tables and formulas, and the importance of making accurate records and measurements.

Materials Include:

  • Portable Drafting Table
  • Protractor 
  • Drafting Compass 
  • Pencil  
  • Digital Calculators  
  • Architect's Triangle  
  • Hydraulic Testing Device  
  • Drafting Triangle  
  • T-square  
  • Hand Drill  
  • Miter Box and Saw  
  • Light-Duty Staple Gun  
  • Scissors


The curriculum manual is provided in a three-ring binder, with pages contained in page protectors. Easy to follow step by step activities are highlighted using full color photographs. Once introduced to career related information (job description, education and training requirements, job prospects, and income ranges) the student begins a "hands-on" work experience, using professional tools of the trade to complete projects or tasks.  Pre and post tests, worksheets, answer sheets, and instructor's guide.

Hands-On Activities Include:

  • Learning basic structural concepts of load, span, stress, tension, and compression stress
  • Testing different materials and shapes
  • Completing scaled drawings of arched doorway and roof truss
  • Build, test, and compare basic structural shapes: lintels, cantilever, compression truss, tension truss, suspension span
  • Evaluating tests