Electrician with 3' x 6' Stand-Up Workstation



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This stand-up workstation includes a see-through locking tool cabinet, padlock and key, supply drawer, and power strip.  This workstation introduces students to installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems. The student learns about the power lines that transmit electricity from its source of generation to its place of consumption. They explore a variety of job tasks in wiring an actual house circuit. The workstation is a section of a stud wall. The student is exposed to electrical terms and the procedures necessary to complete a basic house circuit. This workstation provides an understanding of job environment and an assessment of interest and ability as an electrician.


Curriculum manual is provided in a three-ring binder, with pages contained in page protectors. Easy to follow step by step activities are highlighted using full color photographs. Once introduced to career related information (job description, education and training requirements, job prospects, and income ranges) the student begins a "hands on" work experience, using professional tools of the trade to complete projects or tasks. Pre and post-tests, worksheets, answer sheets, and instructor's guide.

Materials Include:

  • Aprons  
  • Storage Jars  
  • Junction Boxes  
  • Standard Boxes  
  • 15 Amp Breaker  
  • Keyless Light Fixtures  
  • Light Switches  
  • Outlets  
  • Switch Covers  
  • 3/16" Outlet Covers  
  • Junction covers  
  • 12 Volt Light Bulbs  
  • Yellow Wire Nuts  
  • 250" Roll 14-2 Wire  
  • 1 1/4" Screws  
  • Safety Glasses  
  • Tool Pouch w/ Belt  
  • Crack Handle Screwdriver  
  • 3/16" Insulated Screwdriver  
  • #2 Phillips Insulated Screwdriver  
  • Wire Stripper  
  • Cable Ripper  
  • Needle Nose Pliers  
  • 12 Volt Tester  
  • 3/8" Electric Drill Motor  
  • 1" Spade Bit  
  • Awl  
  • Tape Measure  
  • Hammer

Hands-On Activities Include:

  • Installing wire as instructed
  • Threading through studs
  • Splitting and stripping electrical wire
  • Making electrical connections
  • Installing light switch and fixture
  • Inspecting circuitry