Drywall Installer with 3' x 4' Stand-Up Workstation


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These stand-up workstations consist of see-through locking tool cabinet, padlock and key, supply drawer, and power strip. Students fit and apply wall board to a wall section, apply tape and compound, then sand to a smooth surface. Workstation includes instruction in lathing, surface preparation, smoothing, and finishing. Students explore a variety of job activities in executing a series of tasks performed by a person in this trade.


Curriculum is provided in a three-ring binder with pages contained in page protectors. Easy to follow step by step activities are highlighted using full color photographs. Once introduced to the history of weights and measurements, information on units and standards, the student begins a "hands on" experience, using professional tools of the trade to complete measuring tasks.  Pre and post tests, worksheets, answer sheets, and instructor's guide.

Materials Include:

  • Safety Glasses  
  • Chalk Line  
  • Utility Knife  
  • Tape Measure  
  • Drywall Square  
  • Rasp  
  • Drywall Hammer  
  • Drill Motor  
  • Magnetic Bit Holder  
  • 4" Taping Knife  
  • 8" Taping Knife  
  • Drywall Sander  
  • Compound Pan  
  • Drywall Tape Dispenser  
  • Roll of Joint Tape  
  • Carpenter Pencil  
  • Paper Towel Dispenser  
  • Mounted Electrical Boxes  
  • Saw Horses  
  • Clean-up Bucket  
  • Paper Towel Rolls  
  • Aprons  
  • Scrub Brush  
  • #2 Phillips Bits  
  • 5# Box Drywall Nails 11/4"  
  • (30) 15" Length Corner Bead  
  • Roll of Joint Tape  
  • Gallon Bucket Joint Compound  
  • Drywall Sanding Screen  
  • Bottle Chalk Refill  
  • 2/8" or 1/2" Sheets Drywall

Hands-On Activities Include:

  • Measuring
  • Cutting
  • Layout
  • Scribing
  • Nailing
  • Sanding
  • Applying joint tape and joint compound