Insulation Installer with 3' x 6' Stand-Up Workstation



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This locking desk workstation includes a see-through lift-up top, built-in lock/key, 24" fluorescent light, power strip, and audio cassette player with headphones. Students learn to install batt, blanket, board, loose fill, and other forms of insulation in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Hands-on experience includes calculating ratings for installation, measuring, cutting, and stapling up fiberglass insulation.


Curriculum manual is provided in a three-ring binder, with pages contained in page protectors. Easy to follow step by step activities are highlighted using full color photographs. Once introduced to career related information (job description, education and training requirements, job prospects, and income ranges) the student begins a "hands-on" work experience, using professional tools of the trade to complete projects or tasks. Pre and post tests, worksheets, answer sheets, and instructor's guide.

Materials Include: (Need clarification)

  • Safety Glasses  
  • (2) Leather Gloves  
  • (2) Staple Gun  
  • Staple Remover  
  • Tape Measure  
  • Straight Edge  
  • Utility Knife  
  • Mounted Outlet Boxes  
  • Aprons  
  • Masonite Cutting Board  
  • Box of Dust Masks  
  • Rolls of R-13 Insulation  
  • Boxes of Staples

Hands-On Activities Include:

  • Measuring wall space for installing insulation
  • Measuring fiberglass blanket insulation, cut it to size, and set in place in wall
  • Cutting out an opening for an electrical outlet box in the insulation
  • Stapling up the insulation
  • Figuring material cost for an insulation job on a worksheet.