Explorer 4 - Electro-Hydraulics Training System



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The EXP4 is a complete Industrial Electro-Hydraulics training system with proportional and joy stick control. This trainer is designed to demonstrate electrical control of hydraulic systems in a user-friendly,  application-oriented setting. Electrical sequence and logic control is done using switches, sensors, joystick (mimic mobile hydraulic operations), and control valves.

Our curriculum begins with a fundamental review of basic hydraulic principles followed by electrical graphic communication symbols. Additional topics focus on typical electro-hydraulic applications found in today’s industry. This system covers electro-hydraulic open loop proportional control technology in its three areas of instruction: Physical Properties and Fundamentals, Applications, and Electro-Hydraulic Control.

  • System components are mounted in a configuration to replicate Open Loop proportional speed and position control of electro-hydraulic manufacturing systems using a hydraulic motor and linear actuator
  • Industrial grade electronic, electro-hydraulic, and hydraulic components
  • Speciality components available to expand capabilities of the system

Instrumentation Section

  • Constructed of a welded steel A-shaped frame with formed sheet steel shell
  • Modular design can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into a bench configuration with other TII trainers
  • Components are either panel-mounted or attached to a sub-plate for easy T-slot adjustable mounting
  • Instrumentation Section includes: two pressure gauges (0 – 1500 PSI) for system and in-line pressure readings, two four-port manifolds (pressure and return)

Component Panel

  • Mounted at an angle for ease of use
  • Constructed of 16-gauge stainless steel
  • All instruments are clearly identified with large silkscreen lettering
  • Components mounted to stainless steel panel:
    • Proportional Flow Control
    • Proportional Pressure Control
    • Double Acting Directional Solenoid Valve
    • Hydraulic Motor with Gear
    • Sequence Cartridge Valve
    • Programmable Pressure Switch
    • Multi-Function Accumulator
    • Double Acting Cylinder with two sensors
  • Control Panel Section is the central location for electrical interfacing of devices using standard banana jacks:
    • Auxiliary 24VDC Power
    • Emergency Stop Button for system shutdown
    • Hydraulic Motor Sensor
    • Counter/Tech multi-function controller with readout display, reset, input and output
    • Two normally open green push-buttons
    • One normally closed red push-button
    • Directional Solenoid Valve coil (A,B) interface
    • Cylinder Extend and Retract Sensors
    • Proportional Control Signal
    • 0-10VDC Potentiometer with Display
    • Joystick with Up / Down Directional Control and Panel Meter

Additional Components

  • Hydraulic Hose Kit
  • Electrical Patch Cord Kit
  • Flow Meter (Handheld)
  • Wrench for Cartridge Valves
  • Student and Instructor Manuals

Storage Compartment

  • Behind the component panel and accessed through a hinged door with lock
  • Designed for storing hoses and extra components
  • All components, hoses, instruments, and fitting are industrial-grade design
  • All fittings are ball-check quick connect / disconnect


  • A wide range of specialty components can be purchased for mounting on the system’s T-slot experiment surface
  • EPX4-B can be purchased with a mobile cabinet (EXP-MB) and a hydraulic power supply (EXPII-P-1)
  • Three part combined system model number: EXP4-EHB


Major Topics

  • Introduction to EXP4
  • Actuators
  • Electrical Control and Logic
  • Analog I/O and Proportional Control
  • Pressure Control, Sequence, Counterbalance, Accumulator Circuitry