MobileArc™ Augmented Reality Welding System


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MobileArc is an affordable, easy to use welding simulation tool designed to attract, engage and introduce students to welding through a hands-on augmented reality experience.

Attracting and proficiently training students on a limited budget in welding can be challenging. MobileArc offers innovative training that simulates live welding at an affordable price so students of all ages can get a feel for welding, improve their skills and make informed career decisions. Designed with ease of use and portability in mind, MobileArc allows students to learn independently, accelerating the overall learning process.

Comes complete with:

  • Mobile device with case
  • Black Classic helmet with mobile device mount
  • MIG welding gun with AR nozzle
  • Mobile device gun mount
  • Workpiece (configurable base plate and top plate)
  • 1.50 magnifying lens
  • 2.00 magnifying lens
  • Mobile device charger
  • Travel bag
  • Price includes shipping

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