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Bring brain computer interface technology into neuroscience and high school programming!

Use BCI hardware and analysis tools designed for real world research and consumer applications. NeuroMaker BCI utilizes high tech, safe EEG hardware that detects and digitizes brain activity for analysis and data science applications.

Start with fun BCI projects like using your own brainwaves to control a virtual racecar! Then uncover the neuroscience, programming skills and hands on knowledge required to build your own brain controlled applications.

NeuroMaker BCI curriculum aligns with ISTE, CSTA and more curriculum standards. NeuroMaker BCI employs four key tenets of brain computer interface technology:​

  • Neuroscience - Brain Computer Interface practitioners must master basic neuroscience to understand the source and meaning of measurable brain activity.
  • Signal Processing - BCI practitioners must recognize patterns in data and filtering relevant brain signals from unwanted noise.
  • Machine Learning - BCI practitioners must understand the application of machine learning to complicated neurological data sets.
  • Ethics and Impact - BCI practitioners must understand the social impact of BCI technology and its ethical use to ensure the safe and moral applications of this technology.
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