Tiertime - UP 600



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The UP600 industrial 3D printer is designed to tackle very large print jobs with the same ease and precision you have come to expect from other Tiertime printers. It can accurately produce sizable 3D printed parts at an industrial scale.

The UP600’s build volume is more than twice as large as that of the UP300. It is capable of printing objects 15.7 inches wide by 23.6 inches tall by 19.7 inches deep with a liquid volume of more than 31 US gallons.

Objects are printed inside a heated build chamber to minimize deformation caused by high temperature plastic cooling too quickly and absorbing naturally-occurring airborne moisture in the process.

Some of the features of the UP 600 include:

  • powerful software - UP Studio 3.0 is a dedicated software package and state-of-the-art slicing engine developed for Tiertime machines. It supports both dual and single material printing and offers granular print parameter control at every possible level. Within a single print job, multiple models can be printed with different settings and each model can have designated sections with their own settings.

  • adaptive layer thickness - The UP600 can increase print speed by printing smaller layers only where they are required to produce fine detail. Different layer height variation ranges can be applied on a per model or per section basis.

  • connectivity - Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB cable, and USB memory stick. Multiple users on a network can send tasks to the printer, which can be monitored and managed via the Tiertime Print Queue. 

  • dual air filtration - The UP600 incorporates Tiertime’s two-stage HEPA and activated carbon air filtration system, providing maximum UFP and VOC reduction for a safe operating environment.

  • a 19.7 x 15.7 x 23.6 in build size

  • UP Fila ABS, ABS+, PLA, TPU and more

  • XYZ accuracy - 7, 7, 1 micron

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