Tiertime - UP BOX+



Regular price $1,499.00

Welcome to the big leagues.  The UP BOX+ is targeted to users who require fast, precise, quality prints every time.  In addition to the large build volume, the UP BOX is 30% faster than the UP Plus2 and the 100 micron layer height prints mean higher resolution prototypes.

Some of the features of the UP BOX+ include:

  • a minimum layer thickness of .1 mm
  • fully automated platform calibration (leveling and nozzle setting)
  • built in HEPA air filtration system
  • super quiet and fast
  • a 10 x 8 x 8 build size
  • interfaces via USB and WiFi
  • prints with PLA and ABS
  • if a power outage occurs or the filament runs out, you can choose to resume once the power's back on or you've added more filament; no more half-printed waste!