Ethanol Fuel Cell Science Kit

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The Ethanol Fuel Cell Science Kit shows the workings of a direct ethanol fuel cell and the principles behind the conversion of ethanol into electrical energy through oxidization. Begin the process in the ethanol/water mix container then transfer this solution into the fuel cell via silicon tubing where it will be converted into electrical energy to power a mini turbine. A demonstration of the future of fuel cell technology before your eyes.

  • Investigate chemistry concepts such as pH and oxidation while running an ethanol fuel cell.
  • Determine how to change the products of a combustion reaction involving ethanol.

Materials provided

  • Hands-on Lab Activities
  • Teacher's Guides
  • Student's Guides

Concepts covered

  • Chemistry Concepts - Biofuels, Energy, Ethanol Reactions, Organic Chemistry, pH, Reaction Rates, Reactions, Stoichiometry
  • Earth Science Concepts - Renewable Energy

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