H2Hybrid – Fuel Cell Automotive Trainer

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The H2Hybrid Fuel Cell Automotive Trainer is the ultimate tool for exploring science and engineering concepts through hands-on activities with a working fuel cell car. An impressive array of hardware, software, and digital curricular materials allow for hours of activities for students of everything from high school vocational-technical up through college-level engineering.

  • Engineer new solutions for optimization of car’s performance
  • Examine the three fields of energy management
  • Comprehend hybrid propulsion technology and work to minimize environmental impacts
  • Learn about data acquisition and discover how to manipulate, analyze and interpret graphs and data gathered from the car on the road and on the bench
  • Understand the expected performance of a fuel cell system and how to get to optimum operation
  • Explore the difference between expected performance and experimental results

You will need a source of hydrogen such as Hydrostik PRO to charge the supplied Hydrostik Pro cartridge with hydrogen.

What is included in the Horizon Energy Curriculum? The lab equipment is just the beginning. We’ve built the Horizon Energy Curriculum to provide teachers with multiple resources for engaging their students.

Car Systems

  • Steering and Propulsion
  • Using Electrical Energy to Power the Vehicle
  • Transmitting Mechanical Energy
  • Speed and Consumption of Energy
  • Measuring Changes in Electrical Energy

The Role of Hydrogen

  • Understanding the hydrogen fuel cell
  • Understanding modern batteries
  • Comparing sources of electricity
Energy Needs
  • Using models to describe the car’s motion
  • MATLAB & OpenModelica: Simulating the car’s motion
  • Making measurements on the track
  • Making measurements on the charging bench

System Adaptability

  • Providing power
  • H-Cell power
  • Influence of the arrangement of the components of the fuel cell
  • Effects of the arrangement of the Hydrostiks
Manufacturer's Decisions
  • Making measurements on the track
  • Making measurements on the charging bench
  • Energy consumption
  • Sustainable development

Customizing Your Car

  • Changing how you drive
  • Changing the components of the energy system of the car
  • Reducing various forms of resistance to motion
  • Changing the mode of hydrogen production

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