PEM Blue Reversible Fuel Cell (5 Units)

Horizon Educational


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The Reversible PEM Fuel Cell combines the functions of an electrolyzer and a fuel cell into ONE device. When applying an electrical current the device acts as an electrolyzer that produces hydrogen and oxygen from de-ionized water. When applying a load, the device behaves as a fuel cell and generates electricity from hydrogen.

  • High performance PEM fuel cell
  • Converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity and water
  • Fully compatible with the Horizon education range
  • High performance reversible PEM fuel cell
  • Electrolyzer mode converts water into hydrogen and oxygen
  • Fuel Cell mode produces electricity using hydrogen and oxygen
  • Fully compatible with the Horizon education range
  • Available in blue and transparent colours

Product includes additional components: 

  • Silicon Tubing
  • Red & Black Pins
  • Red & Black Wire with double banana plug
  • Connecting Leads
  • Syringes