Super Capacitor Science Kit

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The Super Capacitor Science Kit introduces students to the extraordinary storage and power potential of the super capacitor. Create energy from the hand crank and monitor energy storage with a charge level indicator. Then demonstrate the energy density and power of the super capacitor by running a small fan module. With super capacitors an integral part of the automotive revolution currently changing the way we think about transport, this is the ideal kit to explore the principles of high density energy storage.

  • Discover the science behind capacitors and generators by using them to power simple electric circuits.
  • Understand electric charge, electric current, and other physics concepts while using a generator to charge a capacitor.

Materials provided

  • Hands-on Lab Activities
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Student's Guide

Concepts covered

  • Physics Concepts - Capacitors, Current/Voltage, Electric Charge, Electric Circuits, Energy, Generators, Ohm's Law, Power (Electric)
  • Earth Science Concepts - Renewable Energy